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Échafaudage autour de l'aménagement de la maison pour un accès sûr aux travaux de construc


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Are you a party or a construction company? To optimize your productivity and facilitate work on the construction site, Échafaudages MTL inc. offers sales, installation, and rental services of scaffolding at competitive prices in Quebec. Our team is composed of experienced technicians, specialists, and installers who offer professional, customized services in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Whether for the construction of bridges or buildings, scaffolding is an important and useful equipment for the success of your project as it allows you to stabilize your structures and move materials efficiently. We have a range of scaffolding at our disposal to meet the demand according to the project. Don't wait any longer, contact Échafaudages MTL inc. for more information and to benefit from our expertise.


The company Échafaudages MTL inc. offers a scaffolding rental service for all your building and bridge construction or repair projects. We provide reliable and high-quality materials to ensure well-made structures. We have a vast inventory of products and different types of scaffolding to meet your expectations and demands, no matter the scope of the project. You will also find in our selection garbage chutes, construction fences, ladders, transport platforms, tarps, and specialized products at competitive prices.

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Do you want to buy scaffolding for your industrial, commercial, or residential projects? At Échafaudages MTL inc., you will find new and used equipment at competitive prices. We provide advice to guide you in your choice. Scaffolding is important as it allows you to efficiently move materials and perform work at height. Our team focuses on the quality and strength of the materials to offer you well-maintained, resistant equipment that meets current standards. Contact us for more information and to stock up on scaffolding.


The technicians at Échafaudages MTL inc. are trained and qualified to install scaffolding on your job sites in Gatineau and Montreal. With engineering services and experience, we have the skills to safely assemble and disassemble the materials. Whether it's a small or large project, you can trust us. Furthermore, we have the necessary tools and equipment for the successful installation. We offer a turnkey service, and our courteous team ensures to address all your concerns. We also offer delivery throughout Quebec at competitive rates. We are not afraid to travel to the site to assess the extent of the work and offer optimal solutions.

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Working with scaffolding is a complex operation that requires engineering knowledge and skills. With years of experience, the professional technicians at Échafaudages MTL inc. share their engineering expertise with you for scaffold design and inspection. For the safety of your workers and to ensure compliance with various standards and regulations, we offer support, technical answers to your questions, and guidance throughout the process. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest technology and new regulations. Do business with us now!


Échafaudages MTL inc. in Gatineau is pleased to offer training to workers in your company on metal frames, rosette scaffolding, assembly, and use of scaffolding. Whether you are a construction company, a professional, or an amateur in the field, you need scaffolding for all your work at heights. Therefore, it is important to know the uses and rules to follow when assembling metal frame scaffolding, tubular scaffolding (rosette), and suspended scaffolding to ensure worker safety during operations. We offer advisory and support services to find the type of installation that best suits your needs.

Depending on the type of scaffolding used, our contractors will guide you on the basics regarding your equipment and appropriate techniques to stabilize the structure. You must also inspect the ground and determine an effective action plan for reliable and impeccable results. The training also includes the following points:

Safe assembly and use of metal frame scaffolding

Safe assembly and use of rosette scaffolding

Safe assembly and use of suspended scaffolding

Fill out the form or call us for more information and to benefit from our services. Our company is at your service from Gatineau to Montreal.

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Advice and Training
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